BioVersys and Partners from Lille Sign Long-term Collaboration Agreement Creating a Unique Cross-Border AMR Cluster in Antimicrobial Research Excellence

Basel, Switzerland, July 14th, 2020. 09:00 CEST

BioVersys and partners, the Institut Pasteur de Lille and the University of Lille, from Région Hauts-de-France, sign a long-term collaboration agreement creating a unique cross-border cluster of research excellence focused on unmet medical needs in antimicrobial resistance.

BioVersys continues to strengthen ties with two institutes of scientific excellence, the Institut Pasteur de Lille and the University of Lille, with whom we already enjoy a long-standing and fruitful collaboration. Our collaboration has already resulted in a therapeutic compound for tuberculosis that will enter clinical development in 2H 2020, in collaboration with GSK.

The new public-private joint laboratory called “State-of-the-art Medicines to Abort ResisTance joint research laboratory” “SMART-Lab”, funded by FEDER and I-SITE ULNE, builds on the strengths of the collaboration on tuberculosis, to develop new drug discovery programs to address the unmet medical need related to hospital and community acquired infections from high priority Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. SMART-Lab encompasses three research groups, namely those of Prof. Nicolas Willand (INSERM U1177, Drugs and Molecules for Living Systems), Dr. Alain Baulard and Dr. Ruben Hartkoorn (Center of Infection and Immunity of Lille, INSERM U1019 – CNRS UMR8204) at the academic institutions, and BioVersys SAS, a subsidiary of the Swiss biotech BioVersys AG. This creates a unique cross-border AMR Cluster in Antimicrobial Research Excellence (AMR-CARE).

Dr. Marc Gitzinger, CEO and co-founder of BioVersys: “This collaboration is a sign of strength of cross-border innovation within Europe that addresses antimicrobial resistance (AMR) through applying excellence in science and development. In times of the current COVID-19 viral pandemic, it is crucial that we do not forget that the next burgeoning infectious disease killer right at our doorstep is likely to be in the form of AMR. We must rapidly develop truly novel solutions to meet this increasingly urgent challenge. BioVersys, with its talented partners, is determined to make a difference in AMR patient care worldwide by delivering novel therapeutic treatment options that will deliver better patient outcomes.”

Prof. Nicolas Willand, Professor of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry at the School of Pharmacy, University of Lille and coordinator of the SMARt-Lab: “The current situation in terms of antimicrobial resistance is very problematic and the combination of our strengths and expertise within this public-private partnership will increase our chances of finding new therapeutic alternatives. Together we have already optimized and selected a new drug candidate to treat multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Tomorrow we will write new success stories in the context of nosocomial infections, and we are very proud to do it in Lille.”

Prof. Benoit Deprez, Scientific Director of the Institut Pasteur de Lille: “This collaboration follows a long history we have built in public-private partnerships, seeking to deliver industry-ready innovations and enable the translation of scientific discoveries into real progress for human health. This very program strengthens the link with BioVersys and feeds the pipeline of anti-infective drug discovery projects run on the campus in the frame of the INThREPIDE initiative.”

Prof. Lionel Montagne, Vice president in charge of the Research, University of Lille: “The University of Lille is developing cutting-edge research programs in the field of precision healthcare. We are very pleased that this collaboration with BioVersys is taking on an additional and long-term impetus with the support of the Région Hauts-de-France and the European Union. It will undoubtedly strengthen the position of the Lille site as a leader in the field of health research.”