Our Partners

Collaborations are an essential part of BioVersys’ philosophy. We are working with some of the world leading academic, funding and industry institutions to push our product development through the different development stages.

Out- / in-licensing

BioVersys continuous to develop its pipeline with additional R&D programs mainly from our own technology platforms. If you have an outstanding program addressing a true unmet medical need within the area of infectious diseases or microbiome related indications, we are happy to learn more about your technology.

BioVersys seeks product licensing deals with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that are interested in co-developing or marketing our products fighting severe bacterial infections and targeted microbiome disorders. If you are interested to partner with BioVersys, you can reach us via our Contact Form.

Current partners: BioVersys has established a number of R&D and public private partnership at different stages across our entire pipeline.


BV100 targets serious hospital infections of A. baumanniiIn May 2020 BioVersys signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP). GARDP will look to support BioVersys in the preparation of a paediatric investigational plan (PIP).


BVL-GSK098 is the first clinical candidate identified in our tuberculosis program using BioVersys’ TRIC technology and drug discovery platform. During this successful public private partnership BioVersys has collaborated with the Institut Pasteur de Lille, the University Lille, SATT Nord, GSK and TASK. In 2019 the project received an important European Union IMI2 JU grant of 6.92 million EUR to fund the further development (TRIC-TB). In January 2021 BVL-GSK098 entered a Phase 1 clinical trial and in February 2021 BioVersys was awarded 2.7 million Euro  from European and Developing Countries Trial Partnership (EDCTP) to study BVL-GSK098 in a Phase 2a tuberculosis clinical trial (bEto-TB).


BV200 is a first-in-class anti-virulence small molecule drug that disarms S. aureus bacteria (including MRSA), opening the door for a paradigm shift in AMR therapy. In October 2019 CARB-X awarded BioVersys up to US$ 8.92 million  to fund the optimization and development of BV200 (AVATAR-SA) towards a stand-alone therapy to treat uncomplicated skin and skin structure infections (SSSI) and in combination with antibiotics for more severe infections such as pneumonia.


BV300 represents a novel chemical class of small molecules inhibiting an unexploited binding site on the bacterial ribosome. These molecules exhibit a robust coverage of all relevant ESKAPE pathogens, urgent and serious threats on the US CDC and WHO priority list, and of biothreat pathogens. In June 2021 CARB-X awarded BioVersys up to US$ 15.34 million to further develop BV300 a highly promising novel chemical class for difficult to treat severe infections, including pneumonia.